Maksim Grinberg

New York Lawyer Speaks about Maksim Grinberg

Maksim Grinberg has worked hard to get to where he stands in his life both professionally and personally. We recently heard from Matt Meyers, New York trial lawyer and a close Grinberg acquaintance, who shared insight into how he sees Maksim Grinberg and the man he is today.

“Maksim Grinberg is an outstanding father,” Meyers said. “He is focused on his children’s future. He was looking at colleges and planning bar Mitzvahs years before it was time to do so, because he wants to maintain the strong connection he has with his children, even though he is divorced.” This is just one facet of the man who Meyers has come to know over the years.

Meyers went on to explain that he also holds Maksim Grinberg to a high esteem for his charitable work. “He gives a lot back. He gives to help the Jewish community, to schools and to campaigns.”