Maksim Grinberg

When you think of Maksim Grinberg, a man who is a caring father, loving brother, and helping community member comes to mind. But he so much more than this. Behind our favorite New York based philanthropist lies an immigrant from USSR with gratitude for his home in America-a country where anyone can succeed because hard work always pays off; no matter what their circumstances are when they arrive here on these shores. That coupled with a terrific sense of empathy toward underserved communities makes Maksim Grinberg unstoppable.

Maksim Grinberg has adopted the New York mentality and is known throughout the local community for his hardworking nature and charity. He embodies the spirit of selflessness that many people strive to achieve, not only within themselves but also outside, where he inspires others through example as well.

β€œI respect Maksim because he is devoted to helping and sharing,” Majid Raees, World Kickboxing Champion said. β€œHe selflessly gives and is generous in all aspects of the word. More people should be like Maksim.”