Maksim Grinberg

You might be asking yourself, who is Maksim Grinberg? Let us introduce you to the New York based philanthropist who lives by the motto that, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

Maksim works tirelessly to support various causes, both locally and nationally. He can often be found researching and donating to causes that directly and positively impact cancer research, Jewish communities, homeless, problem gambling, at-risk youth, small businesses, and many more. Maksim’s efforts to support these communities are most often done quietly, behind the scenes. Maksim is not one for recognition or personal gain, he simply wants to contribute and give back. Maksim views life as a journey filled with opportunities to help others through service, charitable contributions, and by simply being there for those who need it most. Maksim is driven by the feeling of gratitude he has for his family, friends and community. This is a man who firmly believes that it is these relationships in life that make us who we are, help us to grow as individuals, and define our character.

Maksim feels fortunate to have experienced many wonderful opportunities throughout his life personally and professionally. Maksim’s life journey may not have always been easy but he chooses to focus on what he does have rather than what he has lost.